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Oral Health Seekers

Soothe, Protect, Restore.

In the world of health, we often find ourselves battling common adversaries, ranging from troublesome ulcers and stubborn thrush to irritating throat infections and the discomfort of radiation burns.

First up - ulcers, those small but agonising sores that can pop up in your mouth, on your tongue, or even inside your cheeks. They're often triggered by factors like stress, certain foods, or even a stray accidental bite. Ulcers often make simple tasks like eating and talking feel like epic quests. It's almost as if they've chosen to take up residence in the most inconvenient of locations. Ever tried explaining to your friend that you're speaking like you've bitten your tongue without any food involved? We wouldn’t recommend it.

Now, let's chat about thrush, an unwelcome guest that often appears in the mouth or elsewhere in the body. It's caused by the Candida yeast and loves to surprise us with its itchy, white patches. Talk about an uninvited visitor!

Thrush enjoys a good surprise party. Just when you think you're all clear, those persistent white patches reappear. It's like an encore you never asked for, keeping you on your toes with its unpredictability.

Throat infections, the common culprits behind that scratchy, hoarse feeling. They usually result from viral or bacterial infections and can make you sound more like a frog than a human, which might provide a chuckle or two, albeit at your own expense. Throat infections, as they set up camp, transform your voice into a gravelly symphony. Your sudden resemblance to an amphibian will give your friends a giggle, but hey, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Finally, the discomfort of radiation burns. Typically experienced during cancer treatments, these burns can be painful and limit one's ability to speak or eat.

So how can you tackle these pesky predicaments? Real Good Honey, with its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is a gentle and effective solution.

How to use for:

Mouth sores, white rashes and ulcers.

Apply a thin layer of Blackbutt TA35+ to the lining of the mouth and tongue once per day, or as needed. Refrain from drinking fluids and excessive saliva swallowing for at least ten minutes. Most will experience a significant improvement within 3 days.

Suitable Products

We have a range of products to treat Mouth sores, white rashes and ulcers.