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  • UTI’s, BV, thrush, genital itching, rectal infection

  • Athletes foot, jock itch, ringworm, tinea capitis

  • Impetigo cellulitis, boils & uclers

see how powerful our honeys are on the skin

see how powerful our
honeys are on the skin

  • Skin treatment

    Topical application of honey containing exceptionally high levels of H2O2 can treat resistant fungal and bacterial communities that live on the skin and also protect the skin from harm. Most skin conditions respond extremely well to an equal part mix of high potency H2O2 honey and sorbelene cream, whereas others require pure straight honey.

  • Vaginal and rectum insertion

    Vaginal and rectal insertion as routes of administration could be ideal sites for delivery as it bypasses first-pass metabolism/digestion and can be a great way to treat localised infections. Also handy for treating inflamed rectal tissues and wounds.

  • Throat gargle

    Gargling high potency H2O2 honey clears slough and pus pockets from infected throats, clears mucus, and neutralises pH and decreases the bacterial load. This technique can also be quite effective in the management of upper respiratory infections.

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  • Honey has an antifungal
    effect against Candida

  • In vitro antibacterial
    activity of Western
    honeys, and manuka honey,
    against bacteria implicated
    in impetigo

  • Inhibition of Dermatophyte
    Fungi by Australian Jarrah


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