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Honey Plug Set (critical)


Achieving a good vaginal seal is crucial for plugging the Blackbutt TA35+ honey into place. Currently we offer two types of Honey Plugs, each differing in width and shape to cater for different vaginal needs. They are sold as a set which means you can work out which one feels better for you. 

The Large Honey Plug measures 45mm at the widest part of its “teardrop” shape. It has a moderate length neck/shaft which may be more comfortable for the majority of vaginas. This is our most popular Honey Plug.

The Medium Honey Plug measures 29mm at the widest part of its “upside down almond” shape and a long tapered neck/shaft. This plug is best suited for a small and tight vagina.

Honey Plugs are not only important for preventing leakage but also for encouraging the honey to spread up and around the vagina where it can touch and treat the pathogens (this honey can only work when they have direct contact with the germs).  

It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive using a Honey Plug for the first time but its actually quite easy and offers the most effective way of keeping the honey in the vagina so it can make contact with the pathogens. 

It is highly recommended to wear a liner while the Honey Plug is inserted as there may be a small amount of sticky fluid that may escape. We have a beautiful range of washable liners available on our site if plastic disposable liners are not your cup of tea.

These Honey Plugs are only compatible for use in the vagina when using Blackbutt TA35+ strength honey!!!! Learn more about this honey HERE.

If using a Honey Plug is not for you, we recommend you carry out your two hour treatment time laying flat on your back with a pillow under your hips to tilt the honey back to your cervix and minimise leakage. Please keep in mind though there will still be leakage if you choose this option. 


  • Rub some extra Blackbutt TA35+ honey onto the plug so that it can coat the vaginal walls with honey when being inserted, as well as act as lubrication.
  • Immediately after inserting the Blackbutt TA35+ honey, and while still on your back in the pap-smear position, gently slide the honey plug into the vaginal canal (it is normal to feel resistance while inserting but you should not feel pain). You will need to firmly push on the T-bar once inserted so the plug slots into the right position.
  • After 2 hours, remove the honey plug by pulling on the T-bar base/handle (we recommend completing this step in the shower or on the toilet as there will be a noticeable amount of sticky fluid released). You will feel a strong suction/resistance when removing the honey plug due to the strong seal formed inside the vagina. This is overcome by applying pressure when pulling the plug out. 
  • As per the Blackbutt TA35+ instructions, be sure to contract your pelvic floor muscles to expel as much fluid from your vagina as possible.


Crafted from silky-smooth, our firm-yet-flexible silicone, this teardrop and spade-shaped honey plugs sit comfortably in the vagina once inserted but it is important you find the style that best suits your shape. The T-bar style base which prevents chafing against your butt cheeks.

  • High quality silicone gel
  • T-bar base to prevent chafing and fits the butt crack like a glove
  • Body-safe
  • Soft smooth touch


  • Wash with warm water and mild soap
  • Wash and air dry your honey plug before every use
  • Never share your honey plug
  • If using your honey plug for other bedroom activities, please use a silicone safe lubricant (preferably water-based) to prevent deterioration of the silicone material
  • Only use Blackbutt TA35+ honey inside the vagina

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52mm/70mm - 20mm neck

Honey: Store at a room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

We don’t ship to New Zealand due to bio security restriction on the import of honey

Honey Plug Set (critical)


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My mild vaginitis symptoms were gone after one use. I am absolutely rapped with this product!
I found the thinner plus worked best for me! Thank you :)


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