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Wellness Parents

Red, raw & sore!!

Real Good Honey stands at the forefront of revolutionising health non-antibiotic treatments on a global scale and it’s a godsend for those contagious angry sores and rashes that plague children.

While it seems that there’s a medication for nearly every ailment under the sun, sometimes you might want to try a holistic remedy like medicinal honey first because of the unwanted side effects, preservatives, and even the sourcing and production practices of big pharma.

Babies and children respond exceptionally well to Real Good Honey’s medicinal range. While little ones will often get sick quickly, they will also often recover quickly when given the right treatment and support – due to their natural vitality.

Babies turn into toddlers and toddlers turn into children – and all parents know that children are adorable little germ machines. If you’re a parent, you might notice that your child gets sick over and over again. Sometimes it might feel like they're sick every two weeks. That's because kids are exposed to a lot of viruses and bacteria—often for the very first time—which makes them vulnerable to catching everything. For some households, especially those using daycare, it feels like an endless stream of strep throat, school sores, foot and mouth, mysterious rashes in weird and wonderful places, and fevers.

We’re helping parents nourish and take care of themselves, their family and home with beautiful natural multipurpose products that tackle some of the most common skin conditions.

How to use for:

School sores, mysterious rashes, foot & mouth, foreskin irritations

Dilute Jarrah TA35+ honey with your favourite lotion (sorbolene cream is fine) at a 50:50 ratio and apply to the affected area. Leave on your child’s skin for at least 2 hours after which washing off is optional. Most will experience a significant improvement within 3 days.

Suitable Products

We have a range of products to treat School sores, mysterious rashes, foot & mouth, foreskin irritations