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Fitness Enthusiasts

Is there fungus in your itchy patch?

Do you feel itchy, irritated, and downright gross when you wear your favourite gym pants and fancy underwear? That sneaky, unwelcome guest is known as ‘jock itch’—an annoying fungal infection that brings forth a crimson rash with small, raised bumps.

Real Good Honey gives much-needed relief from itchiness, irritation, and pain in the most intimate places.

This problem is particularly prevalent among fitness enthusiasts who love the sleek, trendy appeal of spandex, nylon, and other synthetic apparel. Unfortunately, these fashionable training clothes do not always prioritise ventilation and moisture management, creating an ideal environment for fungal infections to thrive.

Caused by mold-like fungi called dermatophytes, this pesky troublemaker tends to appear in the groin, buttock and thigh regions – in both men and women – where warm, moist skin folds provide an easy gateway for its unpleasant arrival. Real Good Honey’s Jarrah TA35+ has been proven toxic for the dermatophyte family of pathogens and almost impossible to develop a resistance to.  

Different parts of gyms, like shared gym equipment, pools, and change rooms are often breeding grounds for another common dermatophyte infection – athletes foot. Real Good Honey knocks that for a six too. 

How to use for:

Athletes foot, jock itch & itchy rashes

dilute Jarrah TA35+ honey with your favourite lotion (sorbolene cream is fine) at a 50:50 ratio and apply to the affected area. Leave on your skin for at least 2 hours before washing off. Most will experience a significant improvement within 2 weeks, and often resolve by 3 weeks.

Forget the ineffective antifungal creams and powders….. Real Good Honey offers a powerful natural solution that aligns with your active lifestyle, promoting comfort and optimal performance.

Suitable Products

We have a range of products to treat athletes foot, jock itch, itchy rashes and hemorrhoids.