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What's the right strength for me

TA 35+
Best for wet infection sites thanks to the exceptional level of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) found in the honey. These exceptional levels of H2O2 means it can continue to kill pathogens even after being diluted by fluids from wet sites such as inserting into the vagina* (for thrush, bacterial vaginosis, and UTI’s), gargling in the throat (tonsillitis / strep throat), applying onto an oozing infection/wound (infection and rapid tissue repair), or onto a weeping burn (barrier for infection and rapid tissue repair). The H2O2 component of these honeys is also concentrated enough to mix with sorbelene cream to make a topical treatment for external skin infections, or with lemon juice as a strep throat gargle.

Note: Blackbutt TA35+ is our highest H2O2 honey available with a huge phenol equivalence of 73%.  

TA 25+
Best for dry sites but can handle a slight bit of moisture at the infection site, such as dryish / scabbed over infections/wounds and crusty burns. It’s an all over great topical treatment for external skin infections in its pure liquid form (not diluting with anything). Whilst the TA25+ is considered very high, we don’t recommend mixing with sorbelene cream or lemon juice as there is a chance the dilution could make them a less effective killer against pathogens. DO NOT use vaginally.

TA 15+
Best for dry wounds only. This strength cannot withstand dilution. A very popular choice for everyday consumption thought to bolster antioxidant levels and enhance overall wellness. DO NOT use vaginally.

TA 0 – TA 14 (i.e. Table Honey)
Not suitable for medicinal application. A premium table honey best enjoyed on toast or in cups of tea. DO NOT use vaginally.

* The views and opinions expressed here are the subject of clinical trials underway by the company and not yet determined. Lab research confirms H2O2 honeys above 35% phenol can kill Candida and recent use cases (consumers) have indicated they also working effectively against the microbes that cause bacterial vaginosis and UTI’s. Whilst we’ve been blessed with mostly positive results so far from consumers using Blackbutt TA35+, we are a long way from knowing if it’s an effective solution for all vaginal microbiota types. The company’s focus in 2023 will be on progressing the lab research to clinical trials in real vaginas. Any person buying TA35+ honey for vaginal use should only do so under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner.


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