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Rectum & External Genital Honey BB25



Anal infection, fissures, haemorrhoids, and itching of the external genitals such as the anus opening, scrotum, penis and outer labia.

This honey is perfect for the individual or couple wanting to improve their rectum and genital health. It lowers the population of bad germs that can make us inflamed, itchy and sore. This product is proving very effective in reducing the rate of bad bacteria transferred between sexual partners during adult play time. It is also an effective go-to treatment for healing anal fissures, haemorrhoids and relieving intense itching of the anus, ‘outer’ labia and penis.


Every purchase comes with one complimentary applicator. If washing and reusing is not practical for you, we recommend purchasing additional applicators.  

Instructions on how to apply this honey differs depending on the type of condition you are treating. Click HERE to find the instructions for your condition.

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100% Australian Medicinal Honey

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All orders are fulfilled within two business days of placing the order.

Jar comes complete in a gift box measuring 75mm x 75mm x 75mm.

Honey: Store at a room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

We don’t ship to New Zealand due to bio security restriction on the import of honey

Rectum & External Genital Honey BB25


Does it hurt when inserting honey in through the anus?

Our applicators have long tapered nozzles to assist with entering the anus easily. We recommend lubricating the tip of the syringe with a bit of surplus honey or with a lubricant.

What preparation is required before inserting honey through the anus?

We recommend inserting the honey after your last bowel movement for the day. Some users may experience a natural sensation of the body wanting to pass a stool while the honey is inside, which is why we suggest emptying your bowels prior to inserting the honey.

What's so good about using honey in on the anus and inside the rectum?

Our hydrogen peroxide honeys are full of enzymes that attract healing cells to wounds (tears/ splits/ haemorrhoids) and reduce inflammation and itching. They also have exceptional antifungal and antibacterial capabilities which help to reduce bacterial load inside the rectum, promoting a healthy caboose.

I often change between anal and vaginal sex. Will honey treatment promote a healthy rectum microbiome?

Absolutely! This honey is exceptionally powerful at killing opportunistic bacteria that is often transferred from the rectum and into the vagina when participating in double dipping. Reducing bacterial load in the anus will ultimately help to reduce the bacterial load being placed into the vagina.

I am a long term haemorrhoid/fissure sufferer. When my wounds begin to heal, my anus gets incredibly itchy. Will this honey help?

This honey offers instant anti-inflammatory agents which reduces swelling, keeps the area moist so it can heal better, and without the itch.

What happens to the honey once its inserted?

Once the honey makes contact with pathogens, it begin to kill. The rectum will eventually absorb the honey or it will be expelled at your next bowel movement.

Is it normal to feel an urge to do a bowel movement 10 minutes after inserting?

We recommend inserting the honey after a bowel movement to ensure the bowels are empty. It's normal to feel a slight sensation.

Is this Blackbutt TA25+ honey suitable for use inside the vagina?

Definitely not. This honey does not have the right molecular structure to be used inside the vagina. It is for external genital use only.

Customer Reviews

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Sheryl Baber

Amazingly nothing but this works. For me ! Will be ordering more . Love it !


Thank you


After 18 months of suffering with vaginal dermatitis, this honey is the only thing that has completely gotten rid of it & healed the area. Fantastic product- thankyou!


Using my honey for soothing symptoms of external thrush…so lovely and calming. I intend to keep it handy at all times …