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Washable Underwear Liners (Set of 3)


Note: This listing is for a full set which contains 3 liners + 1 wet bag.

These reusable cotton cloth liners are a great alternative to disposable plastic pads and are super effective for catching any escaping honey when inserting honey vaginally. They can also double up as an effective pad during a medium menstrual flow.

They can be washed and reused for 2-3 years, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic waste created during your honey treatments and menstrual flows. Even better, they save you money.

They are easy to use and designed to prevent leakage with wings that snap together underneath your underwear and keeps them in place. The 100% bamboo charcoal fleece has amazing absorption ability and effectively locks away fluid, whilst providing maximum comfort against your skin. The outer cotton side features custom designs that stay true to our earthy brand colourway.

Care Instructions

  • The colourful pattern side should be worn facing down
  • We recommend machine washing our liners in cold water and then hanging on the line to dry

Liner Measurements:

  • Length from top to bottom - 24.5cm
  • Length from wing to wing - 18.5cm
  • Length across middle excluding wings - 6.5cm

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Honey: Store at a room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

We don’t ship to New Zealand due to bio security restriction on the import of honey

Washable Underwear Liners (Set of 3)


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